Round table

Here you provide a set of report about the round table, the inaugural day and all others events that you have organized about project results

  • official inaugural day with VIP from university and ministry dealing with education or industrial relation.
  • round table with VIP from university and ministry dealing with education or industrial relation.
  • other events organized yourself for dissemination (participation to exhibition etc etc…)
    The set of documents must be given event : event programme and audience description, the question asked and corresponding resulting discussion during the round table, all media recorded during the event (photo, video), attendance list, social media hub used for dissemination of the event

Round Table Report
ECTI and ICA-SYMP 2023 (2023 Third International Symposium on Instrumentation, Control, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics), January 18-20, 2023
Location ECTI : Electrical Engineering Department, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand;
Location ICA-SYMP 2023: Kasetsert University, Bangkok, Thailand

Workshop : Brain Power Development Toward ASEAN FACTORI 4.0
Round table Speakers :

  1. Prof. Hamed Yahoui, PhD
  2. Puttipong Kongcharoen, Thailand Industrial Standard Institute
  3. Pattana Sittisombat, Chiang Rai Chamber of Commerce
  4. Joseph Pattandilok, Yokogawa-Thailand

Round table at ICA-SYMP 2023
During the roundtable discussion, the Chiang Rai Chamber of Commerce highlighted the increasing need for high-skilled and semi-skilled labor due to the impact of new technologies on the employment landscape. Yokogawa-Thailand collaborated this point confirming that Industry 4.0 has led to a reduction in the workforce, particularly for unskilled workers. However, they also pointed out that Industry 4.0 creates a surge in demand for jobs related to artificial intelligence (AI), advanced facility management, and skilled labor.
Yokogawa-Thailand expressed excitement about learning more about a program that holds great potential for success. They recommended collaborating with real users to ensure positive outcomes and significant progress. Engaging with real users is seen as crucial in ensuring that solutions are tailored to meet the actual needs of industries.
The Thailand Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) emphasized the critical importance of cybersecurity in the interconnected world today. They acknowledged that cybersecurity measures play a vital role in safeguarding automation systems. To this end, they mentioned international standards such as ISO 27000 and IEC 62443, which offer comprehensive guidelines and best practices to mitigate cyber risks and protect critical infrastructure from potential threats.
The discussion emphasized that through education, awareness, and compliance with these standards, businesses can proactively address cyber risks and ensure the integrity and safety of their operations. By doing so, businesses can foster a culture of security and resilience, safeguarding critical infrastructure and contributing to the overall stability and trustworthiness of Thailand’s industrial sector.