Summary: Training

Pre and Post surveys:

Six students claimed enhanced abilities and knowledge after taking an industry 4.0, PLC, and automation course. Starting with a basic understanding and no formal training, the first student became proficient and confident in implementing the concepts taught, notably in PLC programming. For the second student, who was reasonably knowledgeable and had some formal training, the deep dive into data analytics and cybersecurity boosted their skills.

A third student, who was unfamiliar with technology, found the course transformative, learning a basic but solid comprehension of the disciplines and coming to terms with technology. A fourth student who was already proficient but wanted to update their abilities found the course useful in staying up to speed with industry 4.0 trends and maintaining their advanced proficiency and confidence in practical applications.

The fifth student, with a basic understanding and moderate familiarity with technology, gained moderate knowledge and an appreciation for hands-on automation projects, boosting their confidence in real-world applications. Finally, the sixth student went from moderate understanding to advanced competency, taking advantage of the course’s process optimization focus to improve their practical skills and boost their career confidence.

These narratives indicate that the course advanced students’ industry 4.0, PLC, and automation knowledge and confidence, catering to a variety of backgrounds and learning goals.