Seminar I

Seminar I

1. Make a course to participate in an online seminar done EU lecturers.

This is the first step toward the accreditation because it allowed the involved staffs to examine a brief version of overall content related to Industrial 4.0, and to analysis the student’s reactions. Professors from EU partners are providing online teaching in multiple sessions to the course proposed an ASIAN partner. In the case of MFU, this seminar is embedded as a part of the course “1501216 Real-Time Operating Systems for Embedded Applications” that involved 99 students. Asst. Prof. Roungsan Chaisricharoen who is the lecturer of this course had allowed and managed the embedding of this seminar. It was done in April 2021 involving more than 80 students.

2. Review of the content of the online seminar

In this process, the staffs of MFU those involved to the project are studied the video footage of the seminars, and assembled to conclude the content and student’s feedback. The output is the list of seminar contents that were approved the coordinator of P5-MFU. This process was done in May – Dec, 2021

The feedbacks of students are examined first to locate the most interesting contents.

Based on the survey, the team picked the topic IT and telecom office, Quality & safety production assessment, and Advanced manufacturing machine as the starting set because they are the first 3 most favored.

Then, staffs studied the footage of the seminar that are related to the three interesting topics. The list of focused contents of the seminar were drafted as follow:

IT and telecom office:

  • Cyber Security
  • modern communication networks
  • Modern Industrial Networks

Quality & safety production assessment

  • Industrial and safety network
  • Cyber-security of Industrial Control Systems

Advanced manufacturing machine

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Industrial Applications of Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Concept of Industry 4.0