Visiting Siam Michelin Company Limited – Rayong Factory (RYG)

Visiting Siam Michelin Company Limited – Rayong Factory (RYG)

As the team had passed seminar and training, the content of both seminar and internship for MFU students were to be made to distributed to the modified courses. In this process, two works were to be done: the first was to discuss with an auto industry about the workforce requirements, the second was to review of lecture and lab of the staff training with account to the industry’s opinion. These processes were done during June – July 2022.

The meeting with an auto industry was done on June 28, 2022 at a site of Siam Michelin Company Limited – Rayong Factory (RYG) which is located in EEC. A meeting session was hold with the following participants:

  • Mr. Tanaporn Sillapa-Archa –  IT Manager and Digital Learder, Siam Michelin Company Limited – Rayong Factory (RYG)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Punnarumol Temdee – Mae Fah Luang University
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nattapol Aunsri – Mae Fah Luang University
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Roungsan Chaisricharoen – Mae Fah Luang University
  • Dr. Chayapol Kamyod – Mae Fah Luang University

The session included discussion and plant touring. The summarized of this activity was as followed.

Most industries in Thailand Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) which is the special industrial area benefitted Government’s tax and logistic policy are gearing toward Industry 4.0. This will require new wave of workforce with the combine skill in automation and computing which is now in extreme shortage. The boundary between automation staff and IT related staff is now virtually non-existed as the tasks are most blended. This will affect the requirement of new staff and also will increase the demand of updating the current staffs.

(Siam Michelin Company Limited – Rayong Factory (RYG))

The key concept of accreditation was then focused to included automation knowledge and skills into our current computing programs. The contents in EU training were analyzed with the focused content from the seminar. Finally, the target contents to be included in the modified curriculum were listed as follow:
• Concept of Industry 4.0
• Introduction to Industrial Hardware and Software
• Principle of Industrial Network and Communications.
• Electrical System for Industrial
• Safety Standards
• Software and Programming for Industrial Automation
• Industrial equipment and sensors
• Plant emulation
• Process monitoring and control
• Industrial programming for automation
• Robotic and automation for industrial
• Automation simulation
• Automation verification
• Industrial control system
• Precision control in automation
• Practical AI in industrial control